Independent Dual Extruder 3D Printer Motherboard with TMC2208 Driver & Touch Screen
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DMP Motherboard with TMC2208 Driver, Work quieter and more stable. Every Tenlog DMP Motherboard need 7 pcs TMC2208 Driver. This motherboard is pre-installed with 7pcs TMC2208 drivers, and with our newest Smart DMP 3D Printing Firmware

This kit comes with a touch screen and is equipped with a brand new UI.


Input Voltage: 24V

Hot Bed Output Voltage: 24V

Support Power-loss Recover & Filament Runout Detection

SD Card Slot*1

USB Type-B Port*1

Tenlog 15Pin All-in-One Connector*2

Controllable Number of Motors: 7

Master Chip: Mega2560

Whether to Pre-install Firmware: Yes, with Newest Version

Touch Screen:

4.3-inch 480*272 LCD Touch Screen    OR

3.5-inch 480*320 LCD Touch Screen

Whether to Pre-install Firmware: Yes, with Newest UI

How to Upgrade Drivers to TMC2208 from A4988

1. Please make sure that the drive module and motherboard are placed in the direction shown in the figure below. Please note the direction of the screws in the red circle.

2. Change the wire sequence of the total 7 motors as shown in the figure below.

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