About Us

Talk about functional prototyping, talk about smoothness and precision of printed models down to the last detail, 3D printing is a grandmaster innovation that has revolutionized the manufacturing industry. Not only is it time and cost-saving, but the possibilities of 3D printing technologies are also endless. And that's why LNL 3D Solutions was founded to deliver real-world product development solutions to businesses.


LNL 3D Solutions is the go-to partner you can trust for the best customizable 3D printers, onsite installation, and repair solutions in San Diego. At LNL 3D Solutions, we have a running partnership program with Tenelog, a fast-rising tech giant and one of the world's leading producers of innovative 3D printing technologies. And we're in business to help ambitious businesses profit for our solid expertise.


As your partner in success and an authorized distributor, we offer a golden opportunity for our clients to not only secure multiple FDM and LCD 3D printing technologies at affordable prices. But also leverage our onsite solutions that are backed by 24/7 technical support for printing efficiency. 


What's more?We put our customers at the heart of everything that we do at LNL 3D Solutions. That's why we strive to commit the best of our efforts into delivering customer-satisfying experiences. Need help with a thing or two? Feel free to contact us now for business inquiries, and please don't hesitate to visit our office at 1145 Linda Vista Dr, STE 107, San Marcos, CA 92078.