Printer Setup

The conversion process is very similar to the D3. In order to change, you will need to change out the mounting blocks on the gantry as well as the E-steps in your printer settings. Then it should be plug and play.
Yes. You can load two different filaments to be used how you set up in your design/slice software. The only real hold back is how everything is programmed but this is true with any printer. They are not automatic they must be set-up, programmed, and watched for accuracy.
Yes, this unit can work with Windows 11. You may need to download additional drivers which can be accessed through the support tab on our website LNL3D.com
This system is fully direct drive using a BMG type extruding mechanism.

Printer Specification

yes. with the upgraded BMG extruders, you can get up to 300degree C.
Hi, the bed sits on linear bearings guided by aluminum extrusions. The gantry does however use a linear rail to guide the X axis.
The printer comes with PTFE lined hotends to prevent clogging and allow for easier maintenance. We at LNL3D do offer all-metal version hotends on our website at LNL3D.com though.
The TL-d3 was originally shipped with different extruders. When the BMG extruders came out they could be purchased as and upgrade that you installed your self. Now it can be purchased with the BMG extruders and you won't have to install.
Ours has not worked at all. We’ve contacted the company numerous times. They keep sending parts that “I” am supposed to install. I have a $600 paperweight. Don’t waste your money.
Hi, the bed measures 310mmx310mm or approximately 12" x 12"
Bed leveling is manual. There is a leveling mode which moves the extruders to the four corners and the center in sequence, so you can level manually at those positions on the bed.
Hi, The entire frame is made of steel and aluminum. There are small brackets used to mount optical sensors that are made of injection molded plastic.
300mm X 300mm X 350mm LxWxH
Hi, the physical base of the printer is about 22 x 16. In order to account for the gantry and the bed moving back, the entire printer will take up about 25x30.
LNL Tenlog TL-D3 Pro Dual Extruder 3D Printer - Filament Detecting TMC2208 SilentStepStick Motor Controller and Driver with 600W Power
Hi, this printer doesn't have the auto bed leveling yet. Regarding to Bltouch or Crtouch system, you have to check with them if the system will work with dual nozzle.
The print volume of the Vulcan is approximately 295x300x320mm in the XYZ axis respectively.
No it cannot print from two different gcode files at the same time it can only use one file at a time that it can print as itself, mirrored, or duplicated
Hi, the benefit is it uses two gears to grip the filament and has a 3:1 gear ratio. Overall it just gives you much better control over the filament extrusion so it can improve quality and speed.
Hi, the default print speed is 80mm/s but the firmware is unlocked so you can set the print speed to your desire.
It has the heating bed, and the material is aluminum.
Klipper is a 3D printer firmware that adds a few features different than Marlin. Klipper requires a separate control unit (usually a raspberry pi) that handles all of the gcode interpretation as well as running the web server. What this does is free up your mainboard to just complete simple commands. Usually klipper shines when you have an older unit that can't really hold up to high speed or high volume of actions. Our customers have seen a huge increase in reliability after switching to Klipper.

Sales Related Questions

Yes, please submit the quote request from our website, and we will provide the quote asap.
Yes, the units are available for pickup at San Marcos office, and please feel free to call our office 760-566-7858 to check the availability.
Hi, Yes it does include attachable extruder brushes.